Feeling a certain level of discomfort over big stressors is totally normal, however, if that worry does not go away or progresses it may be time to reach out for help.

Unmanaged stress and anxiety can lead to chronic mental, physical, and relational problems.

Common mental health issues that lead people to working with me include anxiety, addiction and substance abuse, attention deficit, depression, grief and loss, bipolar functioning, and relationship issues.


Choosing a therapist is an important decision and sometimes getting started can be the toughest part. I offer consultations to anyone interested in getting started in therapy. We’ll use this time to discuss your concerns, my approach to therapy, and determine if we’re a good match. Consultations are approximately 20 minutes, no-cost.

Mental Wellness Intake Session
During our initial session I will work to get to know you and form a deep understanding of your current life experiences that brought you to therapy. Together, we will review paperwork, discuss goals, and come up with a plan of action. Intake sessions are approximately 50-60 minutes, cost $120.

Individual Counseling Session
Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Individual wellness sessions provide space and time for you to explore current challenges, honestly process thoughts and feelings, and develop new skills and tools. Individual sessions are approximately 45-50 minutes, cost $100. Online sessions available.

Focus Session
Think of this as a mini session, with minimal discussion. Focus sessions are designed to cultivate awareness and balance through the utilization of meditation, therapeutic breathwork, and aromatherapy. Focus sessions are approximately 20-25 minutes, cost $50.

Mind Space is located within Resonance Natural Health Group. Our building has a private and secure entrance that can be used by patients seeking total privacy.

Payment options: Private Pay. Mind Space has an EIN, NPI, and provides a Super Bill to clients for insurance purposes.

My Approach

Now, it’s probably not surprising to learn that different therapists have different approaches to counseling. Where we went to school, our experiences throughout life, and our personalities all impact how we show up in session. I believe all humans have the capacity to make rational choices and develop to their maximum potential.

Through utilizing a holistic approach I discovered anxiety is manageable, and you can overcome panic, stress, and feeling burnt out. Sessions with me consist of an intuitive combination of talk therapy, therapeutic breathwork, and aroma-therapy. I am most interested in you benefiting from this experience.

Engaging in therapy can be extremely helpful for people seeking positive change. I’d love the opportunity to help you find balance and achieve the peace of mind you desire.

Still wondering how to go about getting started in therapy? 
Here’s some helpful information to help you move forward.